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Palko helps you getting gigs
from creating your promotional content to getting you paid.

Finds your audience and increases engagement 5x Palko is a massive AI system for artists that handles large quantities of data regarding each artist to target audiences with highly semantically meaningful information on social media platforms and search engines.

Palko produces your promotional videos

Palko compiles your raw and unedited content to produce brilliant and engaging videos that multiply exposure and target the perfect audience for bookings and exposure.

Palko finds audiences to hire you

To keep your agenda booked with gigs, Palko is constantly discovering audiences who are looking to hire you, and connects you to them automatically.

Palko boosts and secures your gig payout

Take advantage of Palko’s booking and payment systems to streamline the way you’re booked for gigs. Use Palko’s payment tool to make sure you’re paid in full and on time, everytime.
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Vitor Carvalho Lisbon/Saxophonist

What artists are saying.

“Palko already booked me some new gigs. It promoted me without having to do anything and I can see all of the metrics right from my dashboard—it's unlike anything I've used in the past—it's pretty amazing”
- Vitor Carvalho, saxophonist.

Join 1,859,131 artists for hire

Palko discovers and makes the artists' public information like contacts, availability, and pricing immediately acccessible to potential customers without hurdles or paywalls.

KGIK Hip Hop
Billy Andol
Tangela Tricoli
UK Subs Punk
Hanni El Khatib
K.B. Caps Disco
Roman Rain
G o S l o w
Ke No Falte
Mrs. Wood
Hate in the Box
Suicide Dogs
Lymbyc Systym Electronic
Krissi B
The Flatlanders Folk
Tsk Tsk
Anohni Electronic
Headless Nameless
Triple Cobra
Burning Palace Technical Death Metal
Jeff Pevar
Angel Haze Hip Hop
Fiction Plane Alternative Rock
Erwin Gutawa
Jamie Kidd
Rytbit Cyberpunk
Stop Play Moon
Beast 1333
Babylon A.D. Glam Metal
John Williams Classical
Princess Superstar Hip Hop
Ale Möller
Wayne Shorter Avant-garde Jazz
Der Ghul
Fiona Bevan
The Black Belles
Johnny Unheimlich
The Parity Complex
Diana King Pop
ตู่ ภพธร


Palko is making a difference for performing artists. Learn how.

  • Who is Palko for?

    Performing artists use Palko for visibility and to get hired for gigs; plain and simple. Palko assists artists by autonomously generating and delivering promotional content, and exponentially increases their visibility across the Web to reach new audiences and to get bookings. Buyers use Palko to discover hidden talent, contact and hire local or global artists for private parties, venues, or events, and they’re able to securely book gigs with peace of mind provided by Palko’s Payment Protection Plan.
  • What is Palko?

    Palko is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform built to democratize and streamline the way artists are promoted, marketed, and hired globally; Palko specifically gives artists the power to market themselves with absolutely zero understanding of how advertising on social media operates. Palko creates individual exposure results by running a proprietary Predictive Neural Network, a branch of AI built just for Palko, which we call NEDA. NEDA consists of a massive computational effort to transform large quantities of data in relation to said artists into highly targeted and semantically meaningful information. This information is packaged in a way that is easily understood by the web’s leading social media platforms and search engines.
  • I'm an artist, how can I get promoted?

    If Palko has already created a profile for you; you must first claim said profile, and then verify your identity before gaining access to your Artist Profile. If a profile has not yet been created for you, it’s as easy as following the registration process. It’s recommended to bring a diversified portfolio of content relevant to your art; photos, videos, audio clips, reviews, and detailed information about you enable Palko to better understand you and to optimize which pieces of content are best for promotion to potential buyers. Whether an Artist Profile has already been created for you to claim, or you’re starting from scratch, Palko will guide you through registration and customizing your Artist Profile to prepare you for promotion and to make a living as a performing artist. You won’t have to worry about SEO, analytics, or mailing as Palko’s AI engine handles all the heavy lifting, freeing you from the unorganized cacophony that is today’s online marketing so you can focus on your art.
  • Can artists get paid through Palko?

    Yes! Palko has its own robust booking system, agenda management, and payment tools so artists can be hired and paid on time in a way that’s easy and safe for both parties. Buyers can discover, book, and pay artists without hidden costs or unexpected hurdles, all while being protected by Palko’s Payment Protection Plan.
  • I'm a buyer, how can I discover and hire artists for my next private party, venue, or event?

    Palko is working tirelessly to discover and profile the best artists across the globe. As Palko has already discovered nearly 2 million artists, it uses its robust AI engine to learn about and categorize everyone in order to build the right audience to connect them with. As a buyer, you can discover, engage with, and hire local and established artists through Palko. Creating an account at Palko is easy and free, and lets you discover and hire artists who are ready to perform at your next private party, venue, or event.
  • Is Palko free?

    Palko is free for anyone who wants to discover, engage with, and hire artists locally or globally. For artists, most of Palko’s innovative tools are also free; such as promotional credits, and anything in relation to the booking process, like receiving booking requests. While Palko does promote artists autonomously, advanced Artist Promotion is a premium pay-as-you-go service that exponentially grows the artist’s visibility and engagement across the web’s leading social media platforms and search engines. To help Palko run smoothly, we charge a service fee when a booking is confirmed. The good news is Palko offers a Fee Rebate for new artist accounts. Every time you book a successful gig, Palko allocates a substantial part of the transaction fee towards your Artist Promotion Budget; this will rebate 50% of your transaction fee for three months from your first confirmed booking.
  • What is different from other artist booking systems?

    Palko is NOT just another digital catalog of artists where people can visit and request additional information. Those solutions are passive and require the user to perform every action. Unlike those solutions, Palko makes the artists publicly available identification attributes like contact information immediately available to potential customers without the need for paywalls or additional hoops to jump through. Palko autonomously discovers and profiles the best artists across the globe, and using its robust AI engine it transforms their content in a way that is easily understood by the web’s leading social media platforms and search engines.
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