Use the power of AI to make your music heard.
Palko uses AI technology to run campaigns on social platforms and find your true listeners
Palko works. How?
Palko is learning from a huge amount of data of about 4 million artists, their music and their audiences, including:
fans data
With that data, Palko AI creates a powerful set of tools for you.

Tools that promote you.
Palko generates engaging promo videos, comprehensive social and conversion-focused pages for new listeners and ticket sales, seamlessly integrated with all major social media channels and audience demographics.

These tools work tirelessly together to expand your audience exponentially, delivering you results like none other.
The App.
Palko continuously monitors your audience around the clock scouting for the right moment to promote your music.
Key features to grow your audience.
Boosting turns your social campaigns into growth engines, powered by Palko AI's data intelligence.

Social music marketing can be a supermassive blackhole for your resources and time, and running a manually campaign may get you 50,000 likes, but zero listeners. Palko, brings you the opposite—thousands of listeners are brought in, while likes and comments take a back seat.
Listener Conversion
While there are plenty of music stats sites out there, Palko offers something different: actionable insights.

Use Palko to stay ahead of the game and predict tomorrow's audience boost.

Check out an actual chart showing how 'O Barquinho' by Ricardo Bacelar got a boost with Palko.
Performance royalties
This feature may seem straightforward, but our artists can't get enough of it.

Palko delves into your streaming revenue every day, giving you a clear picture of your payout. It's as accurate as it gets—what you see is what you get.
Generated AI content
You've poured your heart and soul into creating an awesome music video, and now it's doing great on YouTube.
But how do you keep the momentum going on social media?

Palko ensures the continous creation of 15-second video teasers of your music, ready to share, by automatically selecting the most engaging scenes while seamlessly preserving audio sync.

Sounds great, right?
Gig promotion
Palko is your go-to for boosting gig promotion and ticket sales. We use your latest audience insights to get more fans through the door.
And hey, we don't take a cut of your ticket sales! Plus, we'll give you real-time updates on the cost of each ticket or RSVP.
Best of all? You call the shots—pause and restart your gig boosts whenever you please.
Keep an eye on this number. It shows how likely a song is to be recommended to new audiences if you give it a boost.
Tracks audience engagement. Excessive playlisting may lead to passive listeners and hinder audience growth.
All together now.
These are the steps to grow your audience.
Create an account
Choose your boost
Get new listeners
Audience expands
Head out to Palko for Artists, register your artist account and hit "Get the App".
30-day trial, then $9.99/mo only.